Simone Falchini rods

“Born in Florence were he still lives and works, at the age of 18 (1984) he toke a fly casting course at the Florence chapter of the Italian Fly Fisherman Club ( C.I. P.M.). He starts right away to fish eagerly the nearby central Italy mountain creeks, and then extends his experience including river and streams in the Alps, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, France, Sweden, Egypt, Cuba, the Rocky mountains and Patagonia.

Passionate with dry fly fishing, in 1996 starts to collect classic cane rods, an interest that will lead him to the art of canerod making that he slowly masters trough the years. In 2003 he creates, a web site dedicated to cane rod making, classic cane rod collecting, fly tying and fishing travels.

His bamboo canes are created following two fundamental criteria: streght and aesthetic sobriety. He isn’t interested in artifice as an end in itself: everything that is present on the rod must have a function, even decorative, but in this case the realization of the details that satisfy the eye must be of an absolute quality. For the taper he use personal profiles that over time, especially with the experience in fishing, have evolved into a continuous refinement that he do not think will ever end. He is also a keen and expert fly tier, his dry fly patterns and his soft hackles emerging patterns are beautiful and effective, all his fly patterns look good and fish even better.

Since 2008 he has a collaboration with Alpiflyfishing S.r.l. importer of numerous important brands for the Italian market. He is pro staff of Ross Reels, Royal Wulff Products and Riverworks for the Italian territory”

Francesco Bianchini



Dry Fly Series

Series of canerods characterized by a classic medium/progressive action. Designed to give maximum pleasure both in the launch and in the recovery of the fish. Usable in medium fishing distances, they have their best features in lightness and in the pleasure to use. Depending on the model, their optimal range of use is between 10 and 15 meters away. All made in 2 and 3 pieces.


W.B.H. Series

Series of canerods where the pleasantness of use is combined with the need for performances above the average of bamboo rods. Progressive action with a large power reserve in the butt. In the three-piece configuration, they are very suitable for fishing trips where the size of the equipment can be a problem and the luggage must be reduced to a minimum size. All made in 2 and 3 pieces.


Allround Series

The taper of these canerods derive from a further evolution and refinement of the taper of the WBH series. The canes of this series maintain the reserve in the butt typical of the WBH series, but have further improved the sensitivity and lightness of the summit as well as the ability to perform shooting. All made of 3 pieces.


Custom Made Models

Rods where the size of the blank had to be changed to meet the required despatch.


Following are some of the rods made. Inside the section of each rod there are photos of the details and of the individual components used in the creation of the canerod.