My name is Simone Falchini, I’ve been fishing since 1970 … since the age of 4. I started in flyfishing after taking a course in the winter between 1984 and 1985, at the historic club C.I.P.M. from Florence. Since 1996 I have started to get interested in collecting fly fishing equipment and then, inevitably, in the construction of bamboo rods.

In 2003 I created, a website dedicated to fly fishing and collecting, with a special focus on fly fishing with canerods.

For over thirty years I have been tyinging the flies I fish with: mainly dry, but also small soft-hackles to be used “on sight” in the surface film. My constructive style is inspired by synthesis, effectiveness and robustness: I am very bothered by those flies that need to be changed after a catch, perhaps even while the fish are rising …

I have fished almost everywhere (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, France, Egypt, Cuba, United States, Patagonia, etc), but in recent times I have frequented almost exclusively the Nera River in Umbria, the Unec in Slovenia, the Gacka in Croatia and the torrents of the Tuscan Apennines.

I love dry fly fishing where the “visual component” is fundamental, where the ascent of the fish and the subsequent bite are the culmination of a process that is born at home, at the vise.

Since 2008 I have been collaborating with Alpiflyfishing S.r.l. importer of numerous important brands for the Italian market, including Ross Reels and Royal Wulff Products tails.

Impruneta, 2021/04/12



Dry Fly Series

Series of canerods characterized by a classic medium/progressive action. Designed to give maximum pleasure both in the launch and in the recovery of the fish. Usable in medium fishing distances, they have their best features in lightness and in the pleasure to use. Depending on the model, their optimal range of use is between 10 and 15 meters away. All made in 2 and 3 pieces.


W.B.H. Series

Series of canerods where the pleasantness of use is combined with the need for performances above the average of bamboo rods. Progressive action with a large power reserve in the butt. In the three-piece configuration, they are very suitable for fishing trips where the size of the equipment can be a problem and the luggage must be reduced to a minimum size. All made in 2 and 3 pieces.


Allround Series

The taper of these canerods derive from a further evolution and refinement of the taper of the WBH series. The canes of this series maintain the reserve in the butt typical of the WBH series, but have further improved the sensitivity and lightness of the summit as well as the ability to perform shooting. All made of 3 pieces.


Custom Made Models

Rods where the size of the blank had to be changed to meet the required despatch.