Simone Falchini Dry Fly Deluxe 7′ 0″ # 4/5 (2pcs)

Simone Falchini Dry Fly Deluxe

Bamboo rod of seven feet for line 4/5. It’s built on a taper derived from Dry Fly Deluxe 7 ‘ 3″ # 4. It’s therefore a bamboo rod with a progressive action, but a little’ more compact and powerful of the 7 ‘ 3″, however easy to use in fishing .
It has a profile that allows it to take action immediately, even with a few meters of  line are out , and cast very well at the average fishing distance: (12/15 meters).
Good will be the shooting with the WF line, a feature that I really appreciate in a fishing rod and that I tried to develop in the Dry Fly action. The components of the canerod are of the highest quality: the design is a fundamental component of bamboo fly rods.
Rod weight: 100 grs

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