Simone Falchini Dry Fly Deluxe 7′ 3″ # 4 (2pz)

Simone Falchini Dry Fly Deluxe

In this rod I tried to summarize, those that I think are the most suitable features of dry fly rod. First the length of 7′ 3″ feet: a compromise between compactness of the rod and length sufficient to face from the creek to the a medium river. The progressive action is best expressed in the average fishing distance (10/13 meters) and allows a good sensitivity even at a short distance, charging well even with only a few meters of line.
As a more suitable line I indicate a WF4, which will allow the rod to load well and to make the fishing action smooth: a few false casts and good shooting.
The components used are all of the highest quality, after a lot of work also the aesthetic satisfaction must have its part

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