Simone Falchini Dry Fly Deluxe 7′ 0″ # 4 (3pz)

Falchini Dry Fly Deluxe, Pesca a mosca, canne in bambù.

This seven-feet rod, is a three-piece, designed for the 4 line. This rod comes from a specific request: a dry fly rod, with a medium power and above all, three pieces. The action comes from a further development of the “Dry Fly Deluxe” taper 7 ‘3 # 4. Compared to the latter, the new taper is 3 inches shorter and above all some areas of the rod, mainly in the middle next to the butt, has seen a certain increase in thickness.
The result is a rod where the power reserve is increased, while maintaining a good tip sensitivity and above all, a great fluidity in its action. It’s easy to fish around 13/15 meters, but you can also stretch well only the final with just 1/2 meter line out of the apical.
Naturally the components are all of the highest quality.

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