Diamondback Classic Trout 7′ 0″ # 3/4 (2pcs)

Diamondback Classic Trout 7' 0 # 3-4

The Diamondback Classic Trout is a popular series of fly rods. Produced in U.S.A by the “THE DIAMONDBACK COMPANY” of Stowe in Vermont. They had their golden age from the 80s, up to the first years of the new millennium. When the Diamondback property passed to a multinational company, the production lost the original care that had characterized the entire first production. Just remember the relationships that Diamondback had with the historic Leonard Rod Company for the famous Golden Shadow.

This model in particular is a medium-action rod, which easily adapts to fishing in small streams. With fish of modest size, it exalts all its pleasantness of use and makes every capture very satisfying. The details of the finish are very accurate in every detail. Stylistically, they are best matched to its wonderful intertwined graphite that in the sun is a real pleasure for the eyes. Its technical information indicates it for the cast of line 3 and 4. All in all, in the launch distance up to 30/40 feet, it behaves very well. Its extraordinary weight is just over 50 grams.

Simone Falchini Collection