Green River 7’6″ # 4/5 e 5/6 (3pcs)

Green River rod

Green River brand rod handcrafted by Robert Gorman, a famous rodmaker active in Vermont since the early 90’s. He was also the author of marvelous bamboo rods and always stood out for the accuracy of his works.

It’s a very particular rod, 7’6 “, with serial number 2323, made in 3 pieces, with refined spigot grafts. It is characterized by two intermediate pieces: one for 4/5 line and one for 5/6 line. The action is progressive, characteristic of many rods designed by Robert Gorman, with which it’s easy to immediately establish a great feeling: a great dry fly rod.

Beautifully finished, with exceptional taste and care, with top quality components.

A great fishing and collectible rod.

Simone Falchini Collection