Unec, Ribnik e Sanica – May 2006

Unec - Mosca di Maggio

Photo chronicle of a fishing trip in Slovenia and Bosnia in May 2006 on Unec, Ribnik and Sanica.

Above all the Unec, in the last years had been very bad fishing conditions: few fish and great crowding of its banks. Contrary to this trend, which had greatly reduced anglers during the whole of 2004 and 2005, during the winter we had positive news on the conditions of the Unec and above all of its fish. So, in four, with a little uncertainty, we had organized a tour of almost a week, starting with a couple of days fishing on Unec. The tour would continue in a southerly direction, skipping the Gacka, looking for more distant waters to try. Our attention fell on the Ribnik river, which I had already appreciated in the past and the Sanica river, completely unknown to everyone.

Of these days of fishing there are no extraordinary catches to show, but in particular for the second part, in Bosnia, it was nice to try again the thrill of traveling in landscapes far from the overcrowding of tourism. Living for a week a part of Europe that in some ways was still “ancient” was a good experience. A fishing experience without the crowding of the rivers and above all with an incredible amount of insects..

Rivers certainly to be recommended even if the distance is not short and are lost, between the outward and return, two days for the trip. On the occasion would be added to the tour, certainly the Pliva (even further south), certainly worth a couple of days fishing and the Gacka in Croatia, on the way back, for a total of 7/8 days of fishing..

Florence, June 2006 – Simone Falchini