Rare rod, it embodies pleasure and extreme efficiency, so much so that it is considered by many to be one of the best fiberglass rods ever. It has a progressive, relatively rapid action, which makes it ideal for stream fishing. Perfectly cast a line of 4. Indifferently both DT and WF, since its optimal range of action is 8/10 meters. It has the ability, not secondary, to be able to overturn the tip even with voluminous lures, often used in the spring creek in the evening hours during the summer.

The reel seat made entirely of cork, without wood spacer, helps to contain the weight in just 62 grams. All the mechanics of the reel seat and the other main components, stripping guides and handle finishing ring, are in nickel silver. The wraps in green and gray, like the freehand lettering, also in green, help to make the barrel very elegant.

Simone Falchini collection.