Leonard Deluxe 7′ 6″ # 6 (2pcs)

Leonard Deluxe

Two-piece rod with two tips of the Deluxe line, made starting in 1983, was heir to the well-known Red Wrap seriesLeonard Deluxe, as shown in the 1984 catalog, included the following models: 6 ‘6 “, 7’ 0″, 7 ‘6 ” for line 4 and 7’ 6″, 8 ‘0 ” for line 5. This canerod in particular is a 7′ 6″ # 6, so it must therefore be of a particular order. In this line of rods the impregnation process has been significantly improved thanks to the studies of Walter Carpenter on the acrylic resins. The 1984 Leonard catalog states that with this innovative system, an extraordinary protection was obtained while maintaining a weight of the fishing rod significantly lower than the previous procedures.

The action is defined by the same Leonard Rod Company “crisp medium action”. In fact, the rod is surprising enough for its rather progressive and fast action. Used with a line of 5, allows excellent control of the line at the short and medium fishing distances. The finishes are very accurate and especially distinguishes the reel seat, downlocking in nickel silver, with a very refined work including also the Leonard brand. Stripping guides Mildrum Carbaloy 10 mm in diameter, serpentine and burnished tips, give a very elegant overall result.

Considering the design contribution of Walt Carpenter and the fact that the following year, 1985, the Leonard Rod Company closed definitively, leads us to consider this series of canerods the “swan song” of the famous American manufacturer of wonderful bamboo rods.

As a curiosity it should be noted that the descriptive text on the catalog indicates that the wraps of the series are made of green wire, while the photo on the same catalog shows a Deluxe (number 5 of 1983), wrapped in red like the one published by me (number 18 of 1983) …

Simone Falchini Collection