Hardy Hollolight 9′ 0″ # 6 (3pcs)

Hardy Hollolight 9'0

Hardy Hollolight made in 1964: serial number H61771. Absolutely new, it has never seen water. Absolutely perfect preservation, he still attached the original label provided by Hardy.
Made in five sizes all in three pieces, with a very high quality bamboo (7’6 # 5, 8 ‘# 5; 8’6 # 5; 9’ # 6; 10 ‘# 7). The rod in question is equipped with a double tips (optional). Built with butt and mid hollow, the nine feet in question have a weight of 5.5 ounces equal to 154 grams (discordant from the Hardy catalog of the era that indicates, for this model, only 5 ounces). Its weight is extraordinary considering that it’s nine feet in three pieces: just think of the Pezon & Michel Fario Club of equal power but shorter than half a foot and in two pieces (so a ferrule less …), with its 158 grams.
Aesthetically, it’s the best ever offered by Hardy: wraps with double tippet and intermediate, gilded hardware that blends perfectly with the color of the wraps.
Punched with the maximum of the acknowledgments from the English Royal House has been a product of absolute summit. Just think of the Hardy price list of the time: to buy it needed more than 23 pounds, when to buy a matching Phantom it was enough 14 and for a Marvel 18

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