Sage LL GrafiteIII 7′ 9″ # 2 (2pcs)

Sage LL279

Sage LL 279 Graphite III belongs to one of the most celebrated series of fly rods ever. This model, precisely of 7 ‘9″ for line 2 is the lightest of the whole series. Extremely thin in every section (the diameter of the tip near the tip top is impressive …) is of an extraordinary delicacy, but absolutely not soft. These are the characteristics of this successful series of rods of the ’90s. Delicacy and speed at the same time. In 2 meters and 36 centimeters, for just under 80 grams, this rod can be defined, as well as a great fishing rod, a precious collector’s item.

For many collectors of graphite rods these rods represent the pinnacle of the Sage production. In the following years produced excellent fishing rods but never at the level of the Sage LL. The prices that these rods have reached lately in the collectibles market are a clear confirmation of their desirability.

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