Orvis Battenkill 7′ 6″ # 6 (2pcs)

Orvis Battenkill

This canerod from the Orvis Battenkill series (called “hexagonal cap”), is a rather common rod, perhaps one of the most popular Orvis models and suitable for the characteristics of the modern fisherman.
As a power the writing on the rod indicates “6” and “H.D.G.”, which in the old classification system refers to a WF6 line. Impregnated canerod by the weight of 3 7/8 of ounce (equal to little less than 110 grams) has a parabolic action, rather slow, but pleasant. The reel seat is made of aluminum downlocking screw. Very particular, the design of the stripping guide, very “geometric” and the ferrules, very thin, for the current standards perhaps a little undersized.

The canerod, with two original tips, has the serial number of production 83699: the date of realization is located in the early months of 1980.

Giancarlo Puzzi collection